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Rainbow Bridge Trail To Close For Improvements

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rainbow Bridge Trail To Close For Improvements

Rainbow Bridge
Happy Veterans Day. We salute all who are serving and all who have served.
Rainbow Bridge National Monument is one of the most popular destinations at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (Lake Powell). It is often described as a rainbow frozen in stone. Boaters can approach the bridge but have to hike to get up close. The length of the high depends of the lake's level.
The trail that leads from floating docks up to the bridge was damaged by floods during the past couple years and is in need of repair. National Park Service crews will make those repairs during January, when visitation is low. During that time, people will not be able to visit the bridge.
A few hardy backpackers follow a long route through Navajo land to reach the bridge. (A permit from the tribe is required.) Those people also need to be aware the the area around the bridge will be closed.
Winter is actually a great time to boat, sight see and hike in the Lake Powell area. Nighttime temperatures are cold but days are usually mild (except during infrequent storms.) The water temperature is too cold for comfort and so most people choose not to get wet during the dead of winter, but there is still plenty to do at the big lake.
Last modified on Thursday, 13 November 2014 23:44
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